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About us

The company first started to operate in 1991 when a few employees of an important Czechoslovakian company TEPLOTECHNA which manufactured industrial furnaces became self-employed freelance businessmen. Asper Envi Ltd. was founded in 1995.

Since 1991 we have cooperated with one of the most important German manufacturer of devices for protection of the environment from polluted gases coming from industrial processes. This enabled us to quickly catch up with international standards of technology and development.

Our employees have vast experience with manufacture of industrial furnaces for the brick and ceramic industry as well as for aluminum processing ovens.

We gradually managed to build up a base with the necessary technological equipment. The workshop and the offices are in one building. The workshop floor has 2.500m2, it is covered with bridge cranes and equipped with modern technology which allows us to manufacture products of maximum weight up 40.000 kg.

We increase the qualification of our employees systematically and we continually search for perspective collaborators.

Customer care is an important part of our strategy. We operate worldwide and offer warranty and post-warranty service through contractors. The cooperation with our German partner allows us to optimize the costs of obtaining orders, manufacture and assembly of the devices and the service in the terms required by our customers. Our devices have the TELESERVIS modem and if the customer wishes and allows it in the case of a breakdown we are able to identify the cause remotely. In most situations the defect can be removed by the customer’s employees or by sending the closest service contractor.

Even in the hard times of the economic crisis we are able to maintain all our employees thanks to the high quality of our products and responsible attitude to our customers. All the amortizations and most of the profits are used for the purchase of modern equipment and devices.

ASPER ENVI Ltd. has a clear ownership structure with exclusively Czech capital.