ASPER ENVI s.r.o.   |   Železniční 512/7   |   CZ-772 00 Olomouc   |   tel.: +420 585 208 888   |   fax: +420 585 208 880

Special products

  • Asper Envi Inc. has the equipment and the capacity to manufacture other devices besides our main products. We manufacture accessory devices to our main products such as steel structures, piping, silos, stainless steel products, high temperature stainless steel, high temperature fiber insulation and heat insulation.
  • Our specialty is the manufacture of piping and radiant tubes made of high temperature stainless steel for the temperature of the transported medium up to 850°C.

Our workshop floors are equipped with bridge cranes with a maximum hook height 8.000 mm. There are two cranes on every line. We have a CNC plasma cutter for cutting of fireproof steel with a maximum thickness 40mm, a steel plate roller, a profile roller, plate shears, etc.

All our welders have the EN 287-1 certificate and they use the MAG/MIG or WIG/TIG methods. All welders use pulse inverter power sources to obtain the highest quality welds.

Our long-term customers are companies from the field of engineering, brick industry, fireproof wall industry, aluminum processing and glass industry.

Our rule is: if the customer wishes, our services are all-inclusive. This means we design the product, prepare the documentation, obtain the necessary permits and we manufacture, assemble and deploy the device. We provide service for the whole life-span of the device. If we lack our own experts or certification we always cooperate with renowned specialists.