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Heat exchangers

  • The heat exchangers we make are used in various industrial processes for the recovery of heat which would otherwise be let out to the atmosphere without any use.
  • We manufacture uni-flow, counter-flow and inbuilt process heat exchangers. The volume of the incoming waste gas can be from 1.500 to 60.000 Nm3 per hour. The temperature of the incoming gas can be from 200°C to 800°C.

Our exchangers can operate separately or they can be integrated in a larger process. The exchangers integrated in a process are mostly used in drying, hardening and burning chambers or tunnels where the heat is transferred to the air circulating in the chamber.

We use a variety of materials in order to obtain the maximum life-span and the minimum price of our products. We use the S235JR, P 265GH, 16Mo3 materials and stainless and high temperature stainless steel. The diameter of the pipes used in the exchanger is determined by the conditions of the particular process.

The separate exchangers can have their pipes arranged horizontally, vertically, round/ in a circle or rectangularly depending on the needs of the customer.

We manufacture several dozens of varieties and designs of exchangers. Each exchanger is designed individually using our know-how, the experience of our experts and modern technologies.

We specialize in custom manufacturing. We have the experience and the technology necessary to customize the products according to the specific requirements of the customer.